Why try to do everything by yourself?

Are you obsessed with doing everything by yourself? Use the skills and talents of others to help you get ahead. This has always been the wisdom of every successful entrepreneur and CEO.

“Frank Winfield Woolworth (1852 – 1919) was a pioneer of a change store. He came from a humble background and became one of the richest men in America despite many early setbacks in his career. Emerging from a small town in New York state, the farmers boy rolled out his “five and ten cents” concepts first across America and then around the world. From a single shop in 1879 to thousand in 1918, the growth of F W Woolworths & Co. was phenomenal, changing the nature of retailing and bringing its founder riches and fame. Woolworths was the original price driven retail chain.”

What was Woolworth’s secret? Delegation apparently: “So long as I was obsessed with the idea that I must attend personally to everything, large scale success was impossible. A man must select able lieutenants and/ associates and give them power and responsibility”

(an extract taken from the book: Movers and Shakers, The Brains and Bravado Behind Business, Bloomsbury Publishing (2003))

Develop strategies to leverage strengths and opportunities in your business. The right people are your great asset.

Anil Salick

Anil Salick

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