Why 2012 is just the beginning.

The world is not going to come to an end, according to Mayan prophecy. That is superstition. It can, in reality, be just the beginning of many things to come.

Many people set goals or resolutions, and then review their progress towards the year end. Sometimes we surpass expectations, sometimes we fall below. Sometimes its by chance, sometimes its by design. Regardless, each year is an opportunity to be better somehow. Each year that goes by is a time that shall never pass this way again.

So, why postpone, why delay, why play safe and comfortable? Why not try, venture and think bigger. Clearly, the pain of regret weighs more than the pain of growth, or the pain of failure.

Five simple things to ponder upfront:

  1. Do I choose to be happy?
  2. Do I feel a sense of purpose or cause to make 2012 special?
  3. Have I written down my goals?
  4. Am I doing simple daily habits that reinforce a positive self image?
  5. Am I learning something new and surrounding myself with positive people?

These are five questions that can make 2012 great. It’s not the quality of the answers, but the quality of the questions. May you question more, and choose to listen. Often there answers are closer to our challenges than we realise.


Anil Salick

Anil Salick

Strategist, Facilitator, Coach, Writer. Shares about inspiration, leadership, critical thinking, fun, sports and current events.