What if you just don’t fit your job?

We all know the cliche, and common recommendation for poor job fit in companies: “Put the round peg in the round hole, and square peg in the square hole”. But, what if someone just does not fit in?

I was once told by a training manager of a large corporate: “Anil, all that happens when you train my staff is that they leave in six months”. He alluded to the notion, that the learning had given staff self belief and confidence, which – though beneficial, was not necessary good for their investment in training with me.

What could I answer to that?… “Sir, maybe I did you a favour. Maybe they were never meant to be there in the first place – and I did save you money?” To which, we later agreed and in good spirits confirmed the next training group.

Training and motivational talks, though useful, may not be the solution required for fixing people challenges; usually job fit, good recruitment and selection practices are the best places to start with.

However, let’s return to our original question: “What if someone just does not fit in?”

Chances are that that person is driven by their personal objectives more than corporate objectives. Often such people know inwardly that they don’t belong in a team, but don’t have the courage or fortunate circumstances to exit the organisation and follow their passion. Also, they might know what that passion is. To spend a lifetime going with the flow, is a wasted life.

Staff turnover is not a bad thing; sometimes: it’s a cause for celebration. The best organisations welcome the opportunity for people to follow their passions, and be true to their desires. No true leader wishes to hold followers back; and that is not true followership.

What would you suggest?

Anil Salick

Anil Salick

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