Using Employee Climate Surveys in the Workplace

Companies that engage their staff are more likely to improve workplace satisfaction and inclusion than those who do not or simply assume what’s best. Workplace Climate Surveys or Employee Climate Surveys can help scan internal environment of employees. This can be the start of making better decisions, an important input into strategic planning or showing that your company cares about how their people ‘think and feel’.

Workplace Climate Surveys is part of employee engagement, which involves three important areas:

1. Are staff COMMITTED?

Staff who are committed have the interests of the organization as priority. Their personal success and goals are interchangeable with that of the company’s. They are here to make a difference, give their best and often go the extra mile. Committed staff are punctual, keep their promises, loyal, open, trusted and recognize their important role in the team.

2. Are staff INVOLVED?

Managers who desire commitment from staff must involve them. “No involvement, no commitment” Companies with such cultures have managers who look for opportunities to get staff inputs. Whether it is delegation, decision making, opinions, sharing knowledge about company results and performance, new strategies or possible changes – staff are made to feel part of the process.

3. Are staff SATISFIED?

Satisfaction may often seem like the goal, but not being satisfied can provide motivation to try harder. Thomas Edison said, “Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure”. We don’t want employees to be simply be content and comfortable. We want them engaged and motivated. At the same time, the company should not be a demotivator or an obstacle to one’s satisfaction.

Using an outside consultancy or provider may be more advantageous. Confidentiality and objectivity may be viewed as a key benefit to an honest exercise.

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Anil Salick

Anil Salick

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