Advanced Project Management Training


3 Day course which covers:

  • Financial Management.

  • Pricing and Costing.

  • Business /Project Plans Development.

  • Change Management.

Project Management Training – Learning Outcomes :

Upon completing this skills program, the delegate should be able to apply the following general and cross-cutting areas of learning, as well as specific areas of learning will be addressed:

  • The principals, methods and techniques of recognized best practice in project and quality management
  • Gathering and analyzing information and planning a project to deliver an integrated Project Management Plan
  • Communication Skills: both verbal and written Presentation of information
  • Time Management: the ability to estimate resources and durations to create a Network Diagram and draw up the Project Schedule or Gantt chart.
  • Cost Management: the ability to estimate costs and create a project budget and then control costs to measure performance using Key Performance Indicators such as SVI and CPI
  • Projects and system thinking and implementation
  • General understanding of how an organization is structured and operates, so as to enhance communication amongst stakeholders.
  • Verification and cross-checking techniques
  • Monitoring and evaluation practices, including how to obtain and give feedback
  • How approval processes work and why they are needed
  • Documentation practices, including version control
  • Problem solving, using various techniques
  • Professional responsibility and respect for ethics, society and others
  • Dealing with change management

Training Assessments and Assignments :

The Project Management Advance Skills Training Programme comprises of the following 13 sections of study:

  • Section 1: An overview of the nature of projects and project management.
  • Section 2: The project management context: the project management lifecycle
  • Section 3: The project management processes
  • Section 4: Project Integration Management
  • Section 5: Scope Management and the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Section 6: Time Management
  • Section 7: Cost Management
  • Section 8: Quality Management
  • Section 9: Human Resources Management
  • Section 10: Communication Management
  • Section 11: Risk Management
  • Section 12: Procurement Management
  • Section 13: Change Management

Registered NQF Unit Standards:

Skills Training Programme :  Advanced Project Management
Accredited : Services SETA
NQF Level : 4
Credits : 22
Unit Standards : 
(U/S 120372)
: Explain fundamentals of project management 
(U/S 120384) : Develop a simple schedule to facilitate effective project execution 
(U/S 120373) : Contribute to project initiation, scope definition and scope change control 

Target Group :

Administrators, Frontline staff, Finance Departments, Call Centre personnel, Marketing and Sales staff, Managers, Receptionists and all levels of an organisation.

Duration of Course :

3 Days

Venue :

Training can be conducted in-house or as a public workshop in Durban, SA.