Customer Service and Excellence


Does your team deliver excellent customer service?

Do they have the knowledge, skill, and behaviours required for excellent customer service?

How much does poor customer service cost your organisation?

Course Overview:

Customer Service and Excellence is a 2 day programme aimed at staff who deal with customers on a daily basis. The programme raises awareness of present team strengths and areas for improvement in terms of service; and then equips them to realise the level of service expected from the organisation. This programme can be customised to specific needs and used in conjunction with our Customer Service Perspective for enhanced results. Learners experience a shift in thinking and perspective which leads to changed behaviours, improved relationships and happier customers.

By the end of the programme, learners would be able to:

  1. Assess their present level of customer service knowledge and skills.
  2. Identify the key skills and attitudes required for customer service in their companies.
  3. Evaluate their behavioral characteristics and make plans for improvement.

Course Content:

Our Customer Service and Excellence programme has a total of three modules:

  • Module One: Customer Service and Personality Styles (Me and My Customer)
  • Module Two: Customer Interacting Handling Skills.
  • Module Three: Customer Feedback and Improvement.

Method of Presentation :

Teaching Aids :
Course Manuals.

Matching Assessment & Pre-work :
Self Assessments, Customer Service Perspective (profile).

Interactive :
Facilitation, Participative Involvement, Practical Exercises, Role Playing, Scenarios, Video Camera feedback

Target Group :

Applicable for most levels of an organisation.

Duration of Course :

2 Days

Venue :

Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.