Why develop staff?

Some questions to about the training landscape in SA: Why should the government impose a skills levy for companies to train and develop their staff? Would employers not train if they were not forced? 1% – do you really spend that less (if at all) on your people development? Is all the stress of work…

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Seven Reasons why Training Staff is powerful for Advertising and Building your Brand

Recently, I have been working with a company which has done much in its recent past to change its brand awareness and appeal through genuine changes, efforts and commitment. In some parts of the population, a noticable shift in perception has occured; but in many other sectors – the old uncertain perception exists.

How does a worldwide brand succeed at changing perception in a competitive environment whilst maintaining a cost cutting/ profit margin drive required by management and operational goals?

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Synergistic Outcomes – Strategy, Performance and Attitude

In 2004, Synergistic Outcomes began with a logo and subtitle that read: “Training, Development, Profiling, Assessments and Coaching Solution”. It seemed clear and transparent what we did. That tagline would last for the 6 years, until we reconsidered what we do as a business. Strategic Planning is a key activity for businesses which plan to…

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