Pressure can be good during a recession

If we all buy into the notion of doom and gloom, then consider what starts to happen. We live in fear, worry and concern; we communicate to others the same negative information and criticism; those around us start to shrink; people start to save the little money they have/ no one buys; we seek pity; we may resort to quick and numbing ‘fixes’ (drugs, alcohol, gambling etc); we become unnecessarily dependent; our health and mental well being suffers and the spiral continues. STOP!

The key is to assess and choose wisely. It does not hurt to know the facts (or agenda/ propaganda) of the news; what is more important is to habituate the mindset of hope, solution and courage.

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Make 2011 Great!

Let’s be honest. The last three years have been challenging for most entrepreneurs and businesses. Some were wise, prepared, strategised and outdid the market gloom and doom. Many businesses had to close doors. Most however simply rode the wave and hung on. What does 2011 have in store for you? Much depends on our paradigms,…

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