Can a leader make all the difference?

Great organisations, average organisations and failing organisations hinge on one important thing: the leader. Leadership, in a real sense, is everything. A few years ago I worked with a large organisation as a client. My role was to facilitate a customised personal development programme. What was clear was the presence and admiration of this leader.…

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Trees die from the top

“A man (or woman) might know too little, perform poorly, lack judgment and ability, and yet not do too much damage as a manager. But if that person lacks character and integrity – no matter how knowledgeable, how brilliant, how successful – he destroys. He destroys people, the most valuable resources of the enterprise. He destroys spirit. And he destroys performance . This is particularly true of the people at the head of an enterprise. For the spirit of an organization is created from the top. If an organization is great in spirit, it is because the spirit of its top people is great. If it decays, it does so because the top rots. As the proverb has it, “Trees die from the top”. No one should ever become a strategist unless he or she is willing to have his or her character serve as a model for subordinates”

– Peter Drucker, one of greatest management gurus.

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Synergistic Outcomes – Strategy, Performance and Attitude

In 2004, Synergistic Outcomes began with a logo and subtitle that read: “Training, Development, Profiling, Assessments and Coaching Solution”. It seemed clear and transparent what we did. That tagline would last for the 6 years, until we reconsidered what we do as a business. Strategic Planning is a key activity for businesses which plan to…

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