Consideration for others

Last week I had an experience that touched me.

I sat at the car wash reading a book, whilst my car was being washed and cleaned. I reflected on my business and performance, and the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. I thought about how it is, that after so many years in an enjoyable and promising business that I, yes ‘I’, could feel or be part of the negative effects of the recession. Surely I was different and recession proof? Just then I spoke to a friend, who had a sick child and was going through a difficult financial situation himself. I asked myself, “why?”

Suddenly, a young lad sat at a bench near me. “Is that your car in the wash bay?” “Yes”, I said. “I like your car and branding. What do you do?” he asked. “Well, I have my own little business and I help companies in training, profiling, team building. I also speak to groups of people. ” I said. “Wow, you must be really lucky to do what you really love and enjoy”. I hesitated with an explanation, thinking to myself, “if only you knew my humanness and struggles as an entrepreneur…”

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