Employee Engagement: “No involvement, no commitment”

We work with various corporates and organisations who engage us in staff development and growth. This is important. It tells that an organisation cares about its staff growth needs who ultimately perform work to meet customer expectations. However, if leadership and management do not engage employees about the company’s plans and activities, a whole new…

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“Talkin Bout A Revolution” – what about humanity?

With the deaths of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gadaffi and the continued movement to oust dictators, particularly in the Arab world – many celebrate and hail this as victory, change, transition, peace and justification for a better world. These reasons may be valid.

I, however, concern about these methods and our highest sense of humanity. There is something dark, twisted and worrisome when we take delight in the suffering of another human. I appeal to no god or religion as I draw towards my own sense of morality, goodness and humanity.

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How to deal with Change

We live in a world where change is the only constant. Change is happening all around us faster than ever before. Technology, politics, society, families, homes, communities, neighbourhoods, learning, health, age, work, careers, beliefs, hobbies and choices are affected by ‘internal and external, positive and negative’ changes.

The single most important choice we can make is to adopt the right attitude to the inevitable, constant and timeless experience we call change.

How do we adjust our sails to the winds? How do we respond so that we survive, adapt and get on the winning team?

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