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Products and Services: * 1.1         Customised Training 

1.1.1      Assertiveness Training (in-house)

1.1.2      Business and Report Writing Skills (in-house)

1.1.3      Conflict Management (in-house)

1.1.4      Customer Service and Excellence (in-house/ public course option)

1.1.5      Diversity and Cultural Awareness (in-house)

1.1.6      Emotional Intelligence (in-house)

1.1.7      Front Line Management Training (in-house)

1.1.8      Leadership and Change Management (in-house)

1.1.9      PA and Secretary Development (in-house)

1.1.10    Project Management (in-house/ public course)

1.1.11    Quality Awareness in the Workplace (in-house)

1.1.12    Sales Training (in-house)

1.1.13    Self Mapper – flagship personal development programme (in-house)

1.1.14    Stress Management (in-house)

1.1.15    Supervisory Empowerment Programme (in-house)

1.1.16    Team Building (outdoor/ in-house/ conferencing venue)

1.1.17    Visioning and Strategic Planning (in-house, with management team)

1.2         Public Workshops

1.2.1      Assessor Training (Public Workshop)

1.2.2      Basic First Aid Training (Public Workshop)

1.2.3      Customer Service and Excellence (in-house/ public course option)

1.2.4      Generic Management (Public Workshop)

1.2.5       Moderator Training (Public Course)

1.2.6       Project Management (in-house/ public course)

1.2.7       Supervisory Skills (Public Workshop)

Recruitment and Job Fit

2.1 Profile XT

2.2 Step One Survey

Management Development (multi rater feedback)

2.3 Checkpoint 360 Survey

Staff Development (gap and job fit)

2.4 Performance Indicator

2.5 Sales Indicator

2.6 Team Analysis

2.7 Customer Service Perspective

Career Counselling (with a registered career counselor)

2. 8 College Coach

2.9 Transition Coach

3. E-Learning

3.1 Executive Coaching (1 to 2 years)

3.2 Life Coaching (1 to 2 years)

3.3 Sales Process (1 to 2 years)

4. Team Building

4.1 In-House Option

4.2 Outdoor Option

4.3 Combined Approach

4.4 Get-away; One Day/ Fun Day

5. Speaking

5.1 “How to Balance our Life”

5.2 “Living with Authenticity”

5.2 “Eliminating People Problems through Job Fit”


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