Motivating Gems from the PSASA 2012 convention

Professional Speaking

  • We will not succeed if we do not accept change
  • ‘Ability will start you off, motivation will drive you and attitude will sustain you but the wrong attitude will guarantee failure’ – Charles Marcus
  • Having a vision is a game changer
  • ‘Technology rocks but Relationships rule. People do business with people they like and trust’
  • Never think that value and price are the same
  • Differentiate yourself with value or die on price
  • It’s no use being an expert if you are not booked or making money
  • “The privilege of the platform” – it is a privilege to stand in front of an audience
  • If you are not sold on you, no one else will either
  • It’s takes a lot of energy to try and be perfect, rather let them see you as you are.
  • “It is my imperfection makes me eligible to be a great speaker” – Mykola Latansky
  • Choose the life of transparency and you will always look to improve yourself
  • Live every second of your life as if it is your last second. Then you won’t waste energy on wearing a mask
  • Hold on to the spirit of sharing as its good for all of us around the globe
  • When you bring emotion into negotiations it can go wrong
  • “You wouldn’t think a speech on Negotiation could bring moisture to the eyes.” – Douglas Kruger
  • “The difficulty in life is not avoiding death, it’s about avoiding corruption” – Bertie du Plessis
  • “Reciprocity equals the debt of gratitude” Martin Limbeck
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, how can others believe in you
  • “You can’t tell what a person has been through, nor can you tell what they are going to do in the future” – Richard McCann
  • “There are more people that never went to prison that dont do what they want to do. They live behind imaginary bars.” – Richard McCann
  • Never be ashamed of where you are from
  • Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same but we leave them everywhere we go – Elvis Presley

(credit: tweets and thoughts from Francious Muscat, Douglas Kruger, Fred Felton, Makhosi Khosa, Anil Salick and #vocalislekker)

Anil Salick

Anil Salick

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