Time Management


Do you live a balanced life?

Are you on the right path?

Are your priorities and actions aligned to your goals ?

Are you working to your true potential and purpose?

Course Overview:

Our Time Management is a powerful 2 Day personal development programme designed to help individuals shift attitudes and plan strategically for their lives. This process is designed to help individuals shift limiting beliefs and behaviors. The program allows learners to consider alternatives, exercise responsibility and examine their personal values, mission, goals and priorities – and consider the impact, fit and value in the organisation. This process helps align corporate and team strategy to individual strategy.

By the end of the programme, learners would be able to:

  1. Gain an awareness of personal levels of success and areas of “comfort zones”.
  2. Identify their personal wheel of life profile.
  3. Develop their personal values credo, mission statement and vision plan.
  4. Learn how to effectively manage time.
  5. Measure personal commitments and review.

Course Content:

This programme has a total of 6 Modules which cover the following topics:

  • Module One: Unlocking Potential and Defining True Success
  • Module Two: Balance in your Life
  • Module Three: Values
  • Module Four: Mission
  • Module Five: Vision 
  • Module Six: Planning, Prioritising, Weekly

Method of Presentation :

Teaching Aids :
Course Manuals, Self Mapper Software

Matching Assessment & Pre-work :
Self-Assessment, Follow up Sessions as per arrangement.

Interactive :
Facilitation, Participative Involvement, Practical Exercises, Role Plays, Projects.

Target Group :

All individuals in an organisation desiring shifts in attitude, morale and levels of motivation through personal planning.

Duration of Course :

2 Days

Venue :

Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.