Inspiring Teamwork: Self Discovery and Team Synergy


A Unique Team Building Approach:

A team is a group of people working towards a common purpose. Many teams work as groups where individuals work in silos and not knowing their colleagues well enough to think 'big picture' and collaboration. Our 1-day programme is designed to inspire team synergy through individuals learning about themselves and their colleagues in a fun, transparent manner with insights from behavioural based assessments.

Purpose of our Team Building Session

  • To enhance team self-awareness and understanding of individual communication and work styles through the DISC model.
  • To foster stronger interpersonal relationships and effective collaboration within the team.
  • To leverage individual strengths and create a more cohesive and productive team environment.
The Combined Approach
One Day Fun Day

Outline of the Workshop

  1. Overview of DISC Self-Assessment (using PPI and Team Analysis completed as pre-work)
    • Overview of DISC model and its relevance to team dynamics
    • Guided self-assessment using DISC tool
    • Individual reflection and group discussion on results
  2. Understanding the Four DISC Styles
    • Detailed overview of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness
    • Strengths, weaknesses, and typical behaviors of each style
    • Real-life examples and case studies
    • Interactive exercise: "Guess the Style"
  3. Effective Communication Across DISC Styles
    • Importance of tailoring communication to different styles
    • Tips and techniques for communicating with each style
    • Role-playing exercise: "DISC Dialogue"
  4. Leveraging DISC for Team Success
    • How understanding DISC can enhance collaboration and problem-solving
    • Strategies for maximizing team effectiveness based on DISC diversity
    • Team-building activity: "DISC Challenge"
  5. Workshop Wrap-Up and Action Planning
    • Key takeaways and summary
    • Discussion on applying DISC insights to improve team dynamics
    • Individual action plans for enhancing team interactions

Ideal Target Group for this Workshop :

  1. Teams experiencing conflict or communication breakdowns (Identify root causes of the issues, develop strategies for addressing them, improve overall team dynamics)
  2. Teams undergoing change or transition (Facilitate adaptation to new roles, responsibilities, or team members, and ensure smooth transitions during periods of change)

  3. High-performing teams looking to optimize their performance (Gain a deeper understanding of their collective strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, leverage individual differences to enhance overall team performance)

  4. Leadership teams (Improve communication, collaboration, and decision-making within the leadership group, and model effective communication and teamwork for the rest of the organisation)

  5. Cross-functional teams (Bridge the gap between different departments and functions, foster understanding of diverse perspectives, improve collaboration across organisational boundaries)

  6. Newly formed teams (Help them quickly understand each other's communication and working styles, build rapport, and establish effective collaboration from the beginning)

Duration of Course :

1 Day Workshop Session

Venue :

In-house (at your company or selected venue)