Supervisory Empowerment Programme


Do you want to develop the skills, attitudes, and mindsets for successful managers and supervisors in your workplace?

Are you wanting to fast-track growth amongst managers and supervisors that is unique, significant and life-changing?

How will the development of your supervisors solve current work challenges and obstacles?

Course Overview:

Our Supervisory Empowerment Programme is designed to equip current and aspiring managers and supervisors with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. Over the course of five intensive days, participants will engage in a dynamic and interactive learning experience that covers a wide range of management competencies, and that has a life-changing impact on learners' careers.

Course Objectives :

  1. Enhance Supervisory Skills: Develop and improve the essential supervisory skills required to effectively lead, manage, and motivate teams.
  2. Improve Communication: Enhance communication skills, both in terms of giving clear instructions and feedback to team members and effectively listening to their concerns and needs.
  3. Foster Leadership Development: Encourage the development of leadership skills and competencies that enable supervisors to inspire, guide, and support their teams.
  4. Build Team Management Skills: Equip supervisors with the tools and techniques needed to build and manage high-performing teams, including conflict resolution and team-building strategies.
  5. Promote Employee Engagement: Teach supervisors how to engage and motivate employees to improve job satisfaction, productivity, and retention.
  6. Strengthen Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Enhance problem-solving and decision-making abilities, particularly in the context of resolving team issues and making strategic decisions.
  7. Cultivate a Strategic Perspective: Develop a strategic mindset among supervisors, helping them align their team's goals with the organization's objectives and adapt to changing business environments.

Programme Structure :

Day 1: Foundations of Supervision

  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Duties and Functions of Supervisors
  • Time Management and Prioritisation

Day 2: Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills 

  • Six Areas of Life
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Long Term Planning
  • Organising and Execution

Day 3: Managing Performance as a Supervisor

  • Managing Outputs and Impact
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Conflict and Problem Solving Skills

Day 4: Effective Communication

  • Communication Skills for Supervisors
  • Presentation Skills
  • Listening and Empathy

Day 5: People Skills

  • Leadership Styles and Approaches
  • Working with different Personality Types
  • Motivation and Staff Engagement

Method of Presentation :

Teaching Aids :
Course Manuals, MS PowerPoint presentation, Selected Culture/Climate Assessments, Business Development Template

Matching Assessment & Pre-work :
Profiles Performance Indicator™ – The Profiles Performance Indicator™ provides recommendations for improving employee performance, including how to respond to job-related stress, frustration and conflict; how to stimulate employee motivation and whether the employee is internally motivated or will need external stimulation

Interactive :
Facilitation, Group Interaction, Breakaway group sessions, Practical learning Activities and Games.

Target Group :

Supervisors, Team Leaders, Section Heads, Newly Appointed Managers, Promotional candidates

Duration of Course :

5 days. There are 2 options that we recommend to our clients: 

  1. One day per week over 5 weeks, with follow-ups
  2. Two days (first week), two days (second week), one day (third week), with follow-ups

Venue :

Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.