Emotional Intelligence


Are you emotionally intelligent?

How would you know?

What is IQ and EQ?

Can emotional intelligence expand and grow?

Course Overview:

This programme explores the concept of Emotional Intelligence and allows for its practical application in the workplace, as well as in other areas of life. The ability to understand and control one’s emotions opens many doors for self empowerment and enables delegates to lead their lives, and others, more effectively. Through empathy and attentive listening, two of the main skills of emotional intelligence, workplace and customer relations improve exponentially. The skills and techniques acquired through harnessing and improving one’s emotional awareness and intelligence are invaluable to all people who see the benefits of emotionally mature communication.

By the end of the programme, learners would be able to:

  1. Identify their daily emotions and the emotions of others.
  2. Demonstrate the key skills to empathetically handle managers, colleagues and customers
  3. Improve the effectiveness of listening skills regarding the emotional needs of others.
  4. Identify the ways in which emotional intelligence can be increased in the workplace.
  5. Discover a shift in their belief systems regarding their capabilities.

Course Content:

Emotional Intelligence has a total of 3 Modules, which cover the following topics:

  • Module One: The role and impact of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Module Two: Emotions and feelings – Application in the Workplace.
  • Module Three: Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

Method of Presentation :

Teaching Aids :
Course Manuals, MS PowerPoint Presentation, Audio Visual Clips.

Measurement :
Self-Assessment & Introspection

Interactive :
Facilitation, Group Interaction, Breakaway group sessions, Practical learning Activities and Games.

Target Group :

Applicable for most levels of an organisation.

Duration of Course :

2 Days

Venue :

Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.