courageous convo

Course Overview

Courageous Conversations in the Workplace is aimed at developing leadership and interpersonal communication skills in the workplace. Implementation of Performance Management systems may necessitate these conversations during review, evaluation, and rating interviews.

The programme allows leaders to build knowledge and skills sets to deal with important feedback in a constructive manner that leads to mutual trust and progress. Leaders develop the confidence to deal with difficult people, personality clashes, communication breakdowns, or miscommunication or even reduce conflict in your life.

Course Objective:

By the end of the workshop, learners would be able to:

  1. Assess individuals style of influence in interpersonal communication
  2. Explore performance management in achieving organisational goals
  3. Recognise the need for ”courageous” conversations”
  4. Identify components of courageous conversations
  5. Confront sources of not having “courage”
  6. Learn the constructive courageous conversation skill sets using a clear process
  7. Master the process through role plays and coaching
  8. Consider plans to implement, measure and review courageous conversations as to link to strategy and organisational results

Course Content:

Module One: My Style of Influence

Module Two: Performance Management and Courageous Conversations

Module Three: Components of Courage Conversations

Module Four: Courageous Conversations as a Skills Set

Method Of Presentation:

Course Manuals, Facilitation, Roles Plays, Interactive Discussions and Engagement, Group Discussions, Self- Assessments, Live Coaching and Feedback with participants.

This workshop tackles two areas: 1) Courageous Conversations that an exco team or department may acknowledge where courageous conversations must take place (facilitated professionally using the techniques of a clear process) and 2) equipping delegates with the tools and confidence to have these courageous conversations as skill sets.

Target Group:

Leaders, managers, people working with people, or for anyone who wants the skills to address any behaviours that has a negative impact on relationships, professionalism and business outcomes.