Workplace Climate Survey (WCS)

Companies that engage their staff are more likely to improve workplace satisfaction and inclusion than those who do not or simply assume what’s best. Workplace Climate Surveys or Employee Climate Surveys can help scan internal environment of employees. This can be the start of making better decisions, an important input into strategic planning or showing that your company cares about how their people ‘think and feel’.


The purpose of our Workplace Climate Survey (WCS) is to assess the current morale and perspectives of all employees of your organisation. Their responses are captured, assessed and analysed into reports, graphs and trends. This information is helpful to management to understand gaps and critical areas as well as develop relevant plans and interventions.

A key feature is EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: allowing employee to freely and confidentially voice their praise and concerns about the business.

The WCS Survey/ Questionnaire assesses five main areas:

  1. Key Employee Details – demographic data such as age, level of education, level of position, years of service, etc need to be gathered. An overall analysis and trend is observed.
  2. Values – in this section, we aim to examine two factors: what employees value and how well the organisation promotes those values. This section is vital in understanding whether the employees feel a connection with (or loyalty towards) the organisation.
  3. Working Environment – this section rates employees’ overall levels of satisfaction. Various areas of workplace satisfaction are measured. (based on Maslow and Herzberg’s theory and models)
  4. General Feedback – more ‘qualitative’ feedback is obtained from the employees, including suggestions for improvement and their feelings on aspects of their job not covered above
  5. SWOT inputs – employees share what they perceived is the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is populated and useful for planning.

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