Sample Profiling Reports

These sample reports are provided to help our customers evaluate the quality of the reports and information to make important decisions. All reports, design and formats remain the intellectual property of Profiles International. Changes and improvements are ongoing as part of continuous improvement.

1. Profile XT 1-Placement report Sally Sample – Placement Report
2-Individual report Sally Sample – Individual Report
3-Coaching report Sally Sample – Coaching Report
4-Job profile summary report Sally Sample – Job Profile Summary Report
5-Job summary graph Sally Sample – Job Summary Graph
6-Graph report Sally Sample – Graph
7-Sales placement report Sally sample – Sales Placement Report
8-Sales management report Sally Sample – Sales Management Report
2. Step One Survey II 1-Interviewing report Interviewing report
2-Interviewing report – No scores Interviewing Report – No scores
3-Quick check report Quick check report
3. Checkpoint 360 1-Individual report Checkpoint-Individual_sample_report
2-Comparison report Checkpoint_Sample_Comparison_Report
3-OMA report CheckPoint_OMA_Report
4-Skillbuilder report Skillbuilder_Sample_Report
4. Customer Service Perspective 1-Placement report Sample Placement Report – CSP
2-Individual report Sample Individual Report – CSP
3-Coaching report Sample Coaching Report – CSP
5. Profiles Performance Indicator 1-Individual report Thomas Sample – Individual Report
2-Graphic summary Thomas Sample – Graph Summary
3-Management report Thomas Sample – Management Report
6. Profiles Sales Indicator 1-Job match management report Job Match Management report
2-Individual report Individual report
7. Profiles Team Analysis Team Analysis report Team Analysis report
8. Profiles College Coach 1-College coach report College coach report
2-College coach graph College Coach graph
3-College coach summary College coach summary
9. Profiles Transition Coach 1-Transition coach report Transition Coach Sample Report
2-Transition coach summary report Transition Coach Summary Report