Skill Builder Series

Profiles Skill Builder
Skill Builder Elearning Assessment

Want to develop your management skills via e-learning?

Choose from 21 short courses online based on the KSS principle.

Purpose of the Profiles Skill Builder™ Series: 

The CheckPoint SkillBuilder™ is a distinctive tool to build upon leadership strengths and to close critical skill gaps. Most 360-degree feedback systems simply report a participant’s strengths, weaknesses and may provide some suggestions for improvement.
SkillBuilder™ applies Profiles’ unique K-S-S system to help managers: 

  • KEEP DOING the things they do well.
  • STOP DOING those things that interfere with their effectiveness.
  • START DOING things that will improve their performance.

measuresProfiles Skill Builder™ Modules:

SkillBuilder™ addresses 8 Management Competencies and 18 Skill Sets. There are 18 modules available to take online 

  • 1. Listening To Others
  • 2. Processing Information
  • 3. Communicating Effectively
  • 4. Instilling Trust
  • 5. Building Personal Relationships
  • 6. Delegating Responsibility
  • 7. Adjusting To Circumstances
  • 8. Thinking Creatively
  • 9. Providing Direction
  • 10. Facilitating Team Success
  • 11. Working Efficiently
  • 12. Working Competently
  • 13. Taking Action
  • 14. Achieving Results
  • 15. Cultivating Individual Talents
  • 16. Motivating Successfully
  • 17. Displaying Commitment
  • 18. Seeking Improvement

reportsBenefits from using the Profiles Skill Builder™?

  • Personal Action Plan
    Participants complete on-the-job actitvities and coaching sessions to generate a custom plan of action for professional development, including skill building tips, skill building activities, and suggested supplemental activities. The plan provides a framework to drive accountability for change and enables a commitment for continuous professional improvement.
  • Customised Coaching Guide
    provides a detailed framework that helps the coach guide the manager through activities and exercises to ensure continuous professional improvement.