Profiling & Assessments

Imagine innovative, web-enabled assessments which consistently and cost effectively help match people with the work of the organisation by accurately measuring potential and predicting job performance. Imagine great people.

ProfilesBy using assessments, you can easily identify the people you want to promote and hire. And, by using Job Match Patterns specific to your company, you will be able to identify training needs and implement plans so you achieve outstanding results.

Assessments can be done from any computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the results available in minutes to the authorised person in your company. Security safeguards protect the information from any unauthorised parties.

Our prices for our Profiles International™ products are competitive and all inclusive of the support that you require, including benchmarking of positions, data capture & comprehensive reports. We can only release results once payment is received and therefore encourage our clients to “bulk buy” in advance, allowing you to get the results you need at a moment’s notice.

To the left is a list of the Profiles and Assessments that we have to offer.

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