Emzansi Engineers (Supervisory Empowerment Programme II)

Some of management team members of Emzansi Engineers

During the months of April and May 2011, the management team of Emzansi Engineers engaged in an accredited and customised supervisory and management development programme: Supervisory Empowerment Programme II. What an engaging experience with team members keen on their personal and professional development. All of this in aim to deliver a superior service to valued customers.

Emzansi is an independent, multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers involved in planning, design, supervision, project management and turnkey projects. The firm offers a wide range of civil, and structural engineering services throughout the complete life cycle of infrastructural development. (To learn more about the company, go to: http://www.emzansi.co.za/ )

When asked, “what was their biggest benefit from attending the “Supervisory Empowerment Programme II“, learners answered:

  • Truly realising my strengths and weaknesses, and how to focus on my strengths
  • Enabled me to do introspection. Gave tools to assess my environment to determine its weaknesses and strengths
  • Time management tool was of huge benefit, followed by how to do your diary
  • Personality profile analysis
  • The diary (time management) session was most beneficial and from that I have learnt to plan right
  • I understood myself better as a result of the programme
  • Being able to plan, organise, prioritise my work schedules
  • Time management (use of a diary)
  • Preparation of personal MVV and departmental objectives
  • Learning more about myself, who I am, and about my values. How to manage others or treat other people
  • Understanding my personality traits
  • To understand the importance of managing my diary
  • Learning how to unpack a problem and create a plan in order to solve that unpacked problem. I am motivated and ready to start my life with a more strategised method
Anil Salick

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