Sales Process (e-learning)


The Sales Process

Leap to the Next Level –Targeted behavioural changes build superior salespeople. This MBA like course is specifically designed to drive individuals to reach the next level of sales and best influence customers while keeping their personal style. The goal is to persuade customers to maintain long-term relationships and to purchase products and services

21 Laws of Influence for Sales eLearning Program:

Understanding the 21 Laws of Influence for Sales is vital for understanding the influencing process. This program will help explain how customers react and respond to psychological patterns and pressures. It goes over established societal demands regarding the sales industry. People are creatures of habit. Customers tend to follow these same habits and patterns. Therefore, it is important for salespeople to understand what biases customers already have in place in order to make business pleasurable for both parties. You want to fly below their influencing radar, in other words.

The 21 Laws of Influence for Sales program asks the question, “Wouldn’t you want to know the influencing strategies that people use to sell you products and services? Don’t you want to understand how you can use those in a noble way to help you and perhaps improve your sales process?” Sales ethics is the first step of setting up a long-term trusting relationship with your clients during the sales process. This course reiterates how important it is to always ask yourself whether you are leading to a greater good or potentially causing future harm. We stress that the best and correct use of the information you will learn in this program is in conjunction with the Principles of Noble Intent.

reportsFeatures and Benefits:

  • Learn what each influencing law is and how it applies to sales.
  • Gives salespeople the valuable knowledge needed that will set them apart from the competition.
  • Provides strategies that the sales manager or sales coach can use to help motivate their teams and increase their bottom line.
  • Offers way on how the salesperson, sales manager, or sales coach should act to use the law in a positive way to gain trust and rapport.
  • Helps salespeople find out what’s best for them and the client.
  • Provides vital information that will insure that salespeople use the laws appropriately by providing a ‘beware’ section for each law.

reportseTraining Methodology:

Through eTraining, you can learn when you want. You decide the time. There are no classes to attend meaning you can learn around your schedule at your own pace.

You can learn how you want. All eTraining courses are taught in three different formats: audio, video, and written formats. This gives you the ability to learn in the format that is best suited for your individual learning style, or you can even pick a combination of all three: audio, video and written. The course comes complete with activities, whitepapers, scripts, online quizzes, and a final exam to ensure full comprehension of the course material.

Learn where you want. With leadership development eTraining, you can take this course at your desk, at home during quiet time, while exercising, or when you are travelling. We call this flexibility: My Way, My Place, My Pace.