Executive Coaching (e-learning)


Executive Coaching Program

The ultimate objective of Indaba’s Executive Coaching Program is to teach executives, leadership, and management personnel strategies and solutions they can use to increase overall efficiency and viability of their organisation.

The Executive Coaching Program is oriented towards the process of changing your company:


Employees are taught to deal effectively with the phases of change. The goal is to move your people through change in a manner that stokes creativity and innovation, enhancing corporate goals and visions.

Feedback & Coaching

How do you grow employees if you don’t deliver feedback effectively? This course provides the processes on how to reduce the fear associated with delivering feedback and how to receive feedback with an open mind.

RA2 Alignment

Marry expectations and metrics – Deploy people with: 

  1. Clearly defined responsibility.
  2. Accountability, benchmark and metrics as previously agreed upon.
  3. Authority factors necessary to complete goals. The goal is to foster inter-company and intradepartmental cooperation, as well as horizontal and vertical integration.

Work / Life Balance

Work / Life balance refers to the proper mixture of your working life and the other aspects of your life. The more effort you invest in establishing the proper level of devotion to each of your pursuits in life, the more fulfilled you’re going to feel. Your business will improve because your energy will increase and you’ll be able to work more productively.

Decision Making Process

Integrates proven business practices with advanced psychological models culminating in best practices. One of the most pressing issues facing an enterprise is the lack of consistent, effective decision making processes.


Make any meeting a success. Facilitation is the key to be properly prepared for and carry out winning presentations. Facilitation is the process that helps. Discover the art of facilitation. Discover what facilitation is, what qualities make the best facilitators, and how to best employ facilitators


Cutting Edge Team Dynamics — Develop high-performance teams by improving the behavior of team leaders and team members. An interactive, time-sensitive workshop provides a high-impact learning experience. The team designs and creates a visual reminder of effective teams for longevity of the lessons learned.

Performance Management

Achieve highly sought after goals while at the same time ensuring that each employee in your organization is simultaneously working towards their own goals and advancing the overall strategic goals of the organization.