Life Coaching (e-learning)


Life Coaching

It’s time to take control of your life. Life coaching can be the key to creating the lifestyle you always thought you could have. Learn how to set priorities, create an action plan, hold yourself accountable, balance your life, improve relationships, and achieve your goals. You will work systematically through an eLearning program designed to produce results by taking you one step at a time.

eLife Coaching eLearning Program:

The ultimate objective of Indaba’s eLife Coaching Program is to teach you invaluable lessons and advanced skills designed to help you assess what is important for you and then align your goals with this knowledge to make positive changes in your life.

In the Indaba eLife Coaching Program, you will learn how to analyze your behaviours, values, habits, and goals, and then determine exactly what it is that’s holding you back from successfully achieving those goals. The explicit goal is to make well-planned adjustments – changes that you probably would not be able to make or sustain without the knowledge, continued support, and motivation of Indaba’s eLife Coaching Program.

The eLife Coaching Program is not only rich in content, but guides you on building out a workable plan that ultimately is designed to create – and bring to fruition – the balanced life you envision.

reportsTwo Year Program:

eLife Coaching Program is a two year program. This means that you get two years worth of knowledge to start your growth process to a happier life. With other courses, the length can be based on the coach. When they think you have reached your potential, the sessions could end leaving you with questions and no guidance for your continued growth. Or, other courses pack all the information that you need to into six months or less. While given all the information needed in those courses, it’s rushed and you don’t have time to process everything. Indaba spreads its course over two years to give you time to process all the information and put it into practice before the program ends.

My Way, My Place, My Pace™ – The life coaching course is delivered in Indaba’s specialized eTraining format. This one of a kind format allows you to learn how you want, where you want, and when you want:

  • Learn How you want. The course is taught in three different formats: audio, video, and white papers. You pick to learn in format that is best for you. You can even pick a combination of all three.
  • Learn Where you want. With Indaba’s Leadership Development eTraining, you can take the sessions at home, at the office, while exercising or any place that suits your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Learn When you want. You decide the time. There are no classes or meetings to attend. This means you can learn around your schedule at your own pace.

reportseLife Coaching Program is for anyone who desires to:

  • Align their core values with their life’s work to make sure their priorities and goals work for what is important to them.
  • Visualize and prioritize their goals and discover how to consistently achieve them.
  • Discover models and methodology to conquer areas of their life that might need improvement.
  • Understand how to read people, use language patterns, and interact with people so that their influencing abilities expand dramatically.
  • Build symbiotic and beneficial relationships.
  • Discover the best way to handle change.
  • Achieve a balanced life.
  • Become accountable for their actions and success