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Business Strategy and the Coronavirus

In business, strategy is the plan of the leader (the general: CEO, MD, GM). Executive managers are then deployed to “execute” the plan that represent how victory will be obtained. However, disruptions occur despite the best-laid plans – how do we make sense today of business strategy and the coronavirus? Strategically planning explained… A strategic…

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Trump’s followers, and his leadership

Normally, one would speak of leadership before followership. But, in the case of President Donald J Trump – it’s worth trying to understand his followers, then his leadership. Initially, his announcement to run for the US presidency was met with jeer, disbelief and mock. His victory as presidential-candidate for the Republicans, with even more surprise,…

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Courageous Conversations in the Workplace

As we work with various organisations in matters of strategy and performance management, a key stumbling block to achieving results is the inability of line managers and subordinates to engage in robust, open and challenging conversations. These conversations push relationships to new levels of understanding, empathy, respect, support and changes needed. The best of strategies…

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Leadership Lessons from Zuma’s Resignation

South Africa awoke today with the news that President Jacob Zuma has resigned. For most South Africans, it’s a feeling of a decision long overdue and good riddance. For others, it’s a compassionate reaction of sadness, aggh shame, emotion and not a nice way to see uBaba go. Where did it go wrong? I remember…

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OUTsurance, Twitter, Marketing and Cultural Sensitivity

Often it takes a really painful mistake to make us look inward at the very necessary changes we’ve overlooked – through oversight. This weekend saw OUTsurance showcase a Father’s Day advert with majority white fathers with their children. 19 White fathers and just 1 black father, has been suggested. The onslaught on Twitter was swift…

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