Using Online Psychometric Assessments for hiring Right People

The ice-berg theory teaches us an important lesson: No matter how large the tip of an iceberg, 80% of it lies below the surface of the water.  Could this be true when hiring “right people for right jobs”? It’s true because what we see on the outside or surface may very well not be true…

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Using Employee Climate Surveys in the Workplace

Companies that engage their staff are more likely to improve workplace satisfaction and inclusion than those who do not or simply assume what’s best. Workplace Climate Surveys or Employee Climate Surveys can help scan internal environment of employees. This can be the start of making better decisions, an important input into strategic planning or showing that your company cares about how their people ‘think and…

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Analyse your team members’ strengths

The best performing teams do not have team members with the same strengths. They have different strengths, and they play to their strengths. Insightful data about the behavioural traits and qualities of your team can assist in effective planning for better team cohesion, dynamics and performance. Let’s explore other reasons why you should analyse your…

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What if you just don’t fit your job?

We all know the cliche, and common recommendation for poor job fit in companies: “Put the round peg in the round hole, and square peg in the square hole”. But, what if someone just does not fit in? I was once told by a training manager of a large corporate: “Anil, all that happens when…

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7 Team Building Thoughts

Success in growing your business is about collaboration and working together with others. However independent we may be, we need others to move us to the next level. These may require “think big” ideas that we just cannot achieve alone.

Working together in some sort of team/ network is becoming more and more relevant for success today.

Here are some of my thoughts about teamwork, team building and team dynamics learned over the years working with different teams:

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