Using Online Psychometric Assessments for hiring Right People

The ice-berg theory teaches us an important lesson: No matter how large the tip of an iceberg, 80% of it lies below the surface of the water.  Could this be true when hiring “right people for right jobs”? It’s true because what we see on the outside or surface may very well not be true…

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What if you just don’t fit your job?

We all know the cliche, and common recommendation for poor job fit in companies: “Put the round peg in the round hole, and square peg in the square hole”. But, what if someone just does not fit in? I was once told by a training manager of a large corporate: “Anil, all that happens when…

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Durban Business Fair 2011

Synergistic Outcomes shall be participating for the 4th year in the Durban Business Fair (formerly known as the Ethekwini SMME Fair).

The Durban Business Fair boasts being the leading small business event in Southern Africa, where small business owners are given the opportunity to showcase their products and create awareness for their services.

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Putting Right People in Right Jobs

Successful companies put right people in the right jobs. Talent management, job fit profiling and people development are keys to winning. Learn more in this article.

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How Employees Respond to Job Dissatisfaction

ob dissatisfaction affects all employees in different degrees at different times. Like stress, how we choose to respond is more important than trying to deny or painfully suffer the consequences.

Many years ago, I learned about the EVLN Model in an organisational textbook. The simplicity of the model has always stuck with me, and often when in a teaching or facilitation moment, I share the model as an awareness tool for where dissatisfied staff may find themselves.

Employees respond to job dissatisfaction in one of the four ways:

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