What is Customer Service? 16 Ideas…

Customer Service is most relevant today. How does it apply to your team? In a recent training session, I asked staff from a newly formed group of companies: “What is Customer Service?” There were at least 16 ideas that were shared: Customer Service is about making sure that customers feel welcomed, appreciated and worth. They…

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Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

After 23 years into our new democratic South Africa, diversity and inclusion still remains a challenge in the workplace. This is not just a mindset or issue of cultural incompetence – but now a strategic priority in organisations. Diversity and inclusion encompasses acceptance and respect. It means that each individual is unique, that we should recognize individual differences, BUT also our…

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What makes a great communicator?

In November of 2001, I had the treasured opportunity to listen to Nelson Mandela speak at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, SA. It was a business conference on Excellence and Quality in South African industry sectors. These are four things I remember about that memorable experience: 1)     It took former President Nelson Mandela about…

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Seven Reasons why Training Staff is powerful for Advertising and Building your Brand

Recently, I have been working with a company which has done much in its recent past to change its brand awareness and appeal through genuine changes, efforts and commitment. In some parts of the population, a noticable shift in perception has occured; but in many other sectors – the old uncertain perception exists.

How does a worldwide brand succeed at changing perception in a competitive environment whilst maintaining a cost cutting/ profit margin drive required by management and operational goals?

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How to deal with closed minded people

How do you respond to someone who has already formed an opinion before hearing you out? How do make someone listen when they seem to have their index fingers in both ears, humming to tune of “The sun will come out/ Tommorrow” (Annie)?

Firstly, let’s understand why people shut off and choose to be closed minded, with a question at the end of each reason.

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