Analyse your team members’ strengths

The best performing teams do not have team members with the same strengths. They have different strengths, and they play to their strengths. Insightful data about the behavioural traits and qualities of your team can assist in effective planning for better team cohesion, dynamics and performance. Let’s explore other reasons why you should analyse your team members’ strengths.

If you are thinking about doing a team build exercise, this may prove very fruitful. But consider using an effective profiling tool in conjunction with your planned intervention or team strategy session.

Here are 12 insights that an effective tool may measure. Who in your team:

  1. Takes charge, is assertive, and take control of a situation?

  2. Is outgoing, people-oriented and extroverted?

  3. Is patient, tolerant and understanding of others?

  4. Is concerned with accuracy, details and exactness?

  5. Is concerned with accuracy, details and exactness?

  6. Has a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes?

  7. Is easy going and casual, to take things as they come

  8. Enjoys identifying and analyzing problems?

  9. Is concerned with timely results and quick to take action?

  10. Shows emotions and share feelings?

  11. Is a team player who works well with others?

  12. Is concerned with standards and high quality work?

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Anil Salick

Anil Salick

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