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  • Armstrong Appointments
  • Network Configuration
  • Corporate Sure
  • Green Office
  • Multisearch
  • Network Configurations
  • Profibre
  • The Skills Mob
  • Sticks & Licks
  • The HR Company
  • Roofco
  • Synergise
  • HR Torque
  • Tradepage

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  • Sun International (Sibaya,Wild Coast Sun, Meropa, Boardwalk)
  • Hollywoodbets
  • UTI Sun Couriers
  • Afripack
  • Betting World
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Corporation Pty (Ltd)
  • Golden Horse Casino
  • Grinaker
  • H&R South Africa
  • iBurst Africa
  • Impson Logistics
  • Manpower
  • Massmart
  • Masscash
  • Metropolitan Holdings
  • Rennies Distribution Services
  • Rennies Shipping
  • Uniprint
  • BuildIt


  • Department of Correctional Services
  • IEC
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Housing
  • Edendale Hospital
  • Ethekwini Municipality
  • Local Government and Traditional Affairs
  • KZN Wildlife
  • Road Accident Fund


  • UKZN
  • DUT
  • Varsity College
  • Green Office
  • Tswane University of Technology

Client Feedback:

Programme: Communication & Presentation Skills

After attending the Communication and Presentation Skills training (February 2011), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • Even though being nervous, the 3rd time going to the front I was not nervous. Watching myself on the video.
  • Standing in front and actually performing the presentation, built my confidence.
  • Presenting whilst being coached plus watching the same for others.
  • Body gestures, body language, vocal presentation.
  • Videos, famous speakers, presentations by delegates.
  • The facilitator presented clear and well, extremely supportive and motivated me; very knowledgeable of the subject; read the group dynamics well.

Programme: Supervisory Empowerment Programme

After attending our Supervisory Empowerment Programme (SEP) (May 2010), delegates shared the following about the facilitator:

  • Absolutely spectacular and very widely knowledgeable, yet speaks from the heart indicating a passion for his task. Well done!
  • Knowledgeable fun way of facilitation, use of equipment, excellent.
  • He is alive, dynamic. His many approaches and viewpoints are relevant.
  • Good facilitator, to me he is more of psychologist. A philosopher, great thinker. He has passion and love of what he is doing.
  • Good and well experienced, give real life examples.

Keynote Presentation

After a keynote presentation in April 2009, delegates commented the following about Anil Salick as a speaker:

  • Brilliant. Thanks!
  • Very clear about this topic
  • Great speaker
  • Empathetic
  • Good, approachable, down to earth knowledgeable
  • Very good
  • Professional, knowledgeable
  • Very practical
  • Lovely, easy presentation, easy flow in presentation
  • He was eloquent and good in what he does
  • Workshops may be beneficial
  • Knowledgeable, informative and entertaining
  • Sheer brilliance

Programme: Diversity and Cultural Awareness

After attending the Diversity and Cultural Awareness programme (July 2009), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • The best part is mainly the interaction which helps me see the difference of opinions between colleagues of different cultures and how they perceive different situations
  • Learning and understanding more on other peoples beliefs. To emphasise not to sympathise. To listen with intentions to judge
  • Personality test – so true
  • When we were given forms to fill up and get results that showed us, one by one our values
  • Best part of the course was when we were saying the speech about our family, experiences that shaped you, our identity, and our goals and ambitions
  • Is to know myself, what kind of person am I. This training makes me to start thinking for others
  • Courage of staff to open up and share very personal stories with the group

Programme: Time Management

After attending our Time Management programme (February 2009), delegates shared the following about the:

  • The presentation (educating, fun, humorous)
  • Where you analyze yourself and find out how well / poor you are at time management
  • Analyzing oneself and then only realising actually how bad your balance in life is. Realising how to deal with it after recognising them (factors in time management)
  • Setting goals in the six areas of life
  • The part where we listened to Cat Stevens and I realised I was doing exactly the same to my only son
  • The tasks which was done in class. Very interesting. The interaction from people
  • To be able to paint a picture in my mind and criticize myself on prioritizing properly
  • He makes things clear & understanding
  • He is well prepared and presents his material in simple English. Allows for interaction as well
  • He is very vibrant & enjoys imparting knowledge to people (even his personal life) which gives us confidence
  • Very energetic, exciting & innovative. Used real life situations in examples and simplified the whole training
  • He is outstanding, wonderful in his job. He knows what is doing
  • He’s brilliant, knows his stuff
  • Very energetic and easy to understand because of being clear & straight to the point
  • The layout of his course is very well and he carrys it over in a way thats easy to understand
  • Very well spoken – knowledgeable about topics at hand.
  • Dynamic inspirational guy
  • Anil is very thorough, passionate, keen to teach his knowledge thus making him a bit of a role model and not only a facilitator
  • Helped me to deal with the different type of customer and always give the best service to them. Always keep the customer happy. How to solve problems
  • How to handle matter that are not write at your view

Programme: Customer Service

After attending our Customer Service programme (February 2009), delegates shared the following about the (this was in a hospitality, gaming and service related organisation): about their experiences and highlights:

  • Learnt more stuff about my people skills
  • Helped me to deal with the different type of customer and always give the best service to them. Always keep the customer happy. How to solve problems
  • How to handle matter that are not write at your view
  • How to handle customers who are drunk, rude and nasty
  • The course motivate me to deal with every kind of a person or customer with respect
  • I’ve learned more about how to deal with the different customers and I gain the strong knowledge
  • To learn how to react to difficult customers, always to be calm & polite
  • Customer service and the do’s and don’ts
  • To have learnt how to treat a customer to be honest to respect him or her as I would want to be respected
  • Several benefits but number one will be the realisation that without a client you are unable to give a service i.e. the client is “da Boss”
  • Learning new ways to solve problems

Programme: PA and Secretary Development

After attending our PA and Secretary Development programme (May 2010), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • Presenting clearly, listen to each and every person
  • Excellent speaker, good slides, good humour
  • Well –mannered, has a good rapport with participants
  • He is excellent, well managed and informative
  • Very informative, vibrant, motivational
  • He is a good facilitator, more exercise to understand, to the concepts of training. Always on time and give us time to do exercise
  • He has good skills, knows what he was talking about, demonstrating
  • He is good, it is fun listening to him, he throws around ideas. Most importantly he’s realistic (he relates to existing situations in a working environment)