About Us

Our History

Synergistic Outcomes is a Durban based organisation which conducts and serves clients in South Africa, and in African markets.

Since 2004, our BEE, SME company has helped more than 250 corporates (small, medium and large sized enterprises, government and non profit organisations) improve organisational effectiveness, in the areas of training, development, profiling, assessments and coaching.

Vision Statement

Leading collaboration, creativity and customised solutions to strategy and organisational performance.

Mission Statement

Delivering customised solutions in strategy, training, development, profiling, assessments and coaching.

Our Clients

Our Values


We strive to be true and consistent in all that we do. We recognise that being trustworthy is the basis for trust.


We listen to the needs of our clients, and believe in creating win/ win solutions. Their inputs are key to successful processes and synergistic outcomes.


We are prompt in responding to all queries and needs from our clients. We recognise that the customer service matters most.


We strive to be flexible to the needs of our customers. We are willing to adapt and always go the extra mile.


In all that we do, quality and excellence matters. Excellence is not just about products or service, but excellence in our people, processes and methods

SETA Accreditation

Synergistic Outcomes is training and development provider accredited (no. 3690) with The Service SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority) for stipulated learning programmes. We continue to add more learning programmes and improve the quality and value of our service.

BEE Status

Synergistic Outcomes is rated a BEE Level 3 Contributor, with a score recognition of 75 – 84% recognition, procurement recognition of 110%.

What Our Clients Say

Communication & Presentation Skills

After attending the Communication and Presentation Skillstraining (February 2011), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • Even though being nervous, the 3rd time going to the front I was not nervous. Watching myself on the video.
  • Standing in front and actually performing the presentation, built my confidence.
  • Presenting whilst being coached plus watching the same for others.
  • Body gestures, body language, vocal presentation.
  • Videos, famous speakers, presentations by delegates.
  • The facilitator presented clear and well, extremely supportive and motivated me; very knowledgeable of the subject; read the group dynamics well.

Supervisory Empowerment Programme

After attending our Supervisory Empowerment Programme(SEP) (May 2010), delegates shared the following about the facilitator:

  • Absolutely spectacular and very widely knowledgeable, yet speaks from the heart indicating a passion for his task. Well done!
  • Knowledgeable fun way of facilitation, use of equipment, excellent.
  • He is alive, dynamic. His many approaches and viewpoints are relevant.
  • Good facilitator, to me he is more of psychologist. A philosopher, great thinker. He has passion and love of what he is doing.
  • Good and well experienced, give real life examples.

Keynote Presentation

After a keynote presentation in April 2009, delegates commented the following about Anil Salick as a speaker:

  • Brilliant. Thanks!
  • Very clear about this topic
  • Great speaker
  • Empathetic
  • Good, approachable, down to earth knowledgeable
  • Very good
  • Professional, knowledgeable
  • Very practical
  • Lovely, easy presentation, easy flow in presentation
  • He was eloquent and good in what he does
  • Workshops may be beneficial
  • Knowledgeable, informative and entertaining
  • Sheer brilliance

Diversity and Cultural Awareness

After attending the Diversity and Cultural Awareness programme (July 2009), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • The best part is mainly the interaction which helps me see the difference of opinions between colleagues of different cultures and how they perceive different situations
  • Learning and understanding more on other peoples beliefs. To emphasise not to sympathise. To listen with intentions to judge
  • Personality test – so true
  • When we were given forms to fill up and get results that showed us, one by one our values
  • Best part of the course was when we were saying the speech about our family, experiences that shaped you, our identity, and our goals and ambitions
  • Is to know myself, what kind of person am I. This training makes me to start thinking for others
  • Courage of staff to open up and share very personal stories with the group

Time Management

After attending our Time Management programme (February 2009), delegates shared the following about the:

  • The presentation (educating, fun, humorous)
  • Where you analyze yourself and find out how well / poor you are at time management
  • Analyzing oneself and then only realising actually how bad your balance in life is. Realising how to deal with it after recognising them (factors in time management)
  • Setting goals in the six areas of life
  • The part where we listened to Cat Stevens and I realised I was doing exactly the same to my only son
  • The tasks which was done in class. Very interesting. The interaction from people
  • To be able to paint a picture in my mind and criticize myself on prioritizing properly
  • He makes things clear & understanding
  • He is well prepared and presents his material in simple English. Allows for interaction as well
  • He is very vibrant & enjoys imparting knowledge to people (even his personal life) which gives us confidence
  • Very energetic, exciting & innovative. Used real life situations in examples and simplified the whole training
  • He is outstanding, wonderful in his job. He knows what is doing
  • He’s brilliant, knows his stuff
  • Very energetic and easy to understand because of being clear & straight to the point
  • The layout of his course is very well and he carrys it over in a way thats easy to understand
  • Very well spoken – knowledgeable about topics at hand.
  • Dynamic inspirational guy
  • Anil is very thorough, passionate, keen to teach his knowledge thus making him a bit of a role model and not only a facilitator
  • Helped me to deal with the different type of customer and always give the best service to them. Always keep the customer happy. How to solve problems
  • How to handle matter that are not write at your view

Customer Service

After attending our Customer Service programme (February 2009), delegates shared the following about the (this was in a hospitality, gaming and service related organisation): about their experiences and highlights:

  • Learnt more stuff about my people skills
  • Helped me to deal with the different type of customer and always give the best service to them. Always keep the customer happy. How to solve problems
  • How to handle matter that are not write at your view
  • How to handle customers who are drunk, rude and nasty
  • The course motivate me to deal with every kind of a person or customer with respect
  • I’ve learned more about how to deal with the different customers and I gain the strong knowledge
  • To learn how to react to difficult customers, always to be calm & polite
  • Customer service and the do’s and don’ts
  • To have learnt how to treat a customer to be honest to respect him or her as I would want to be respected
  • Several benefits but number one will be the realisation that without a client you are unable to give a service i.e. the client is “da Boss”
  • Learning new ways to solve problems

PA and Secretary Development

After attending our PA and Secretary Development programme (May 2010), delegates shared the following about their experiences and highlights:

  • Presenting clearly, listen to each and every person
  • Excellent speaker, good slides, good humour
  • Well –mannered, has a good rapport with participants
  • He is excellent, well managed and informative
  • Very informative, vibrant, motivational
  • He is a good facilitator, more exercise to understand, to the concepts of training. Always on time and give us time to do exercise
  • He has good skills, knows what he was talking about, demonstrating
  • He is good, it is fun listening to him, he throws around ideas. Most importantly he’s realistic (he relates to existing situations in a working environment)