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Releasing Your True Potential to Produce Results

Our company had the opportunity to facilitate this topic (Releasing Your True Potential to Produce Results) as a staff development programme at a progressive company in Uganda. Its mandate depends on effectiveness, efficiency, client service, delivery and ultimately, helping and saving lives. The Training Manager, who influenced the title and design of this programme, genuinely…

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Why Review Strategy?

A strategy is normally associated with the first phase of the strategic management process: planning. Planning deals with intention, the future, how everything should work out in contrast to the current and referencing the past. It requires a rigorous scan internally and externally so you can remain competitive and relevant. Strategic planning allows you to…

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Courageous Conversations in the Workplace

As we work with various organisations in matters of strategy and performance management, a key stumbling block to achieving results is the inability of line managers and subordinates to engage in robust, open and challenging conversations. These conversations push relationships to new levels of understanding, empathy, respect, support and changes needed. The best of strategies…

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Leadership Lessons from Zuma’s Resignation

South Africa awoke today with the news that President Jacob Zuma has resigned. For most South Africans, it’s a feeling of a decision long overdue and good riddance. For others, it’s a compassionate reaction of sadness, aggh shame, emotion and not a nice way to see uBaba go. Where did it go wrong? I remember…

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